30-Day Breakaway Speed System [Manuals Only]

30-Day Breakaway Speed System [Manuals Only]

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Become A Blazing Fast Skater In 30 Days...

Whether you are a hockey player who wants to upgrade your speed...

hockey parent who's looking for an easy solution to help your kid upgrade their skills...

Or a hockey coach looking for an effective way to organize dryland training for your team...

This revolutionary 30-Day Breakaway Speed System is designed to help hockey players of all ages improve their explosive speed is precisely what you need for this summer!

What's Included?

Our All-New 30-Day Breakaway Speed System:

  • Training Manual
  • Base + Boosted Schedules
  • Blank Calendar
  • Certificate Of Completion

Exercise Video Demonstrations*

Bonus Strength Training Workouts*

3 Add-On HockeyTraining.com Programs ($155 value)*

  • Hockey Yoga
  • Hockey Core
  • Hockey Hip Fix

*These are found in our member's area on our website which you will get access to with the Hockey Speed Kit (the 30-Day Breakaway Speed System manuals will be shipped to you)

*Equipment Not Included*

Please note that this DOES NOT include the equipment in the speed kit, and you will need access to hurdles and a speed ladder to complete the 30-Day Breakaway Speed System properly.

We've put together this package for the 30-Day Breakaway Speed System only as we had many requests from parents and players who already had the training equipment and just wanted access to our revolutionary hockey speed system.

How Will This Hockey Speed Kit Improve On-Ice Performance?

Hockey speed is a complex science, but when you combine…

The stabilization and deceleration to remain coordinated and technically efficient even at the highest velocities with instantaneous direction change...

The lateral power and mental/physical agility to increase your hockey IQ and maximize both your stride length and stride frequency…

And the complete speed development you need to blow by your opponents in all real-time game scenarios…

Then you have created the perfect hockey training programming concoction to develop NHL like movement abilities out on the ice.

The 30-Day Breakaway Speed System was designed systematically to ensure speed was attacked from all angles to ensure anyone following the system achieves significant speed improvements in a short period.

What Age Group Is This For?

All ages!

We've included three different levels with each workout so that players of any ages or skill levels can see massive improvements in their speed.

Can I Use This With Other Hockey Training I'm Doing?

Yes!  Coach Dan has designed this to be used with any hockey training program you might be using and even provides detailed instructions on how to substitute these Speed, Agility, and Conditioning workouts into your program.

What Are Shipping Times Like?

In regular times they are expected to arrive in 2-7 business days when shipping to USA or Canada, but unfortunately, COVID-19 has been slowing down shipping times (taking anywhere from 3-21 business days). We ship daily and hope the manuals arrive quickly for you. 

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