30-Day Breakaway Speed 2.0 System (Program Only)
30-Day Breakaway Speed 2.0 System (Program Only)

30-Day Breakaway Speed 2.0 System (Program Only)

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*Equipment Not Included*

Please note that this DOES NOT include the equipment in the Breakaway Speed Kit, and you will need access to the six pieces of equipment to complete the 30-Day Breakaway Speed 2.0 System properly.

We've put together this package for the 30-Day Breakaway Speed System only as we had many requests from parents and players who already had the training equipment and just wanted access to our revolutionary hockey speed system.

Here's what you'll receive:

 Our All-New 30-Day Breakaway Speed 2.0 System:

  • Training Manual
  • Base + Boosted Schedules
  • Blank Calendar
  • Certificate Of Completion

Exercise Video Demonstrations

Bonus Limited-Space Follow Along Workouts

Become A Blazing Fast Skater In 30 Days...

This Is Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen In The Hockey Industry

And it's the most surefire way to help any hockey player (of any skill level or age) develop blazing speed.

Many hockey players think you have to be born with speed, and if you're not a fast player, you never will be a fast player.

But here's the truth:

Skating speed is 100% a trainable quality.

I don't care whether your hockey player has a ton or minimal training experience -- are new to hockey or an experienced pro. It makes no difference what kind of speed they have today...

Using new sports performance research and his experience gained with each passing year, Coach Dan has put together the best and most complete speed training system in the world that can help any hockey player gain speed in just 30 days.



🚀 30-Day Breakaway Speed 2.0 System 🚀

The Done-For-You Blueprint For Upgrading Your Player's Explosive Speed In Just 30 Days Transforming Them Into A Completely Brand New Player That Leaves Coaches Shocked From Their Improvements!

If there's one thing we know from our experience with training thousands of hockey players...

It's that a tool is only as good as it is applied.

You can have all of the best fancy tools and equipment, however, if you don't know how to use them properly in a proper hockey-specific training system, they aren't much good.

Thankfully we have world-renowned hockey performance specialist, Coach Dan Garner, in our corner, and he has taken all of the guesswork out of how to use the tools in the Breakaway Speed Kit with our revolutionary hockey speed training program.

The all-new 30-Day Breakaway Speed 2.0 System was designed to take all of the guesswork out of it for your hockey player so they can train with the most cutting-edge methods to get serious results. 

This intense 30-day progressive training approach includes weekly speed, conditioning, agility, and edge workouts to become an explosive and elite skater.

You will get access to the comprehensive 30-day schedule that shows you exactly what your hockey player should do each day, and they will be performing each of their workouts with your new hockey training tools included in the Breakaway Speed Kit™.

Players of any age will be able to train like NHL players in a safe, effective, and fun way with equipment designed for hockey performance and a detailed program created by a professional hockey performance specialist.


Here's a look at some of the features of this revolutionary hockey speed training program:

Cutting-Edge Linear Crossover Drills - Have you ever noticed how the fastest players in the world (i.e., McDavid, MacKinnon) use crossovers when skating up the ice with the puck? We use never-before-seen drills to help players produce more power and speed with their crossovers that will have them creating breakaway opportunities by blowing past opponents who can't keep up.

Transitional Speed Training - These unique training methods will help players catch opponents flat-footed and blast past them in the transition game, leading to scoring opportunities in the blink of an eye. Your player will become so dangerous in transition that your coach will want them to play in all special team situations.

Elusive Hip Opener Exercises - Watch players like Cale Makar or Kirill Kaprizov, and you will notice a new approach to skating that creates open ice by using evasive open hip edge work techniques. Our unusual exercises that you won't see in a regular non-hockey training program will help players feel more comfortable and powerful while opening their hips to put up highlight reel points that will have everyone in the rink on notice.

And so much more!

Remember, if your player's speed isn't where they want it to be, it's not their fault...

Real speed progress comes from real hockey-specific training, and this type of programming only comes from a hockey performance specialist.

That's why each workout has been formulated with Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced training options...

So that no matter where your player is currently at in their hockey training journey, they will be able to see dramatic results after only 30-Days of using the Breakaway Speed System. 

And there's this:

This new 30-Day Breakaway Speed 2.0 System can be used as a standalone program or be added to the existing training program your player is currently following to get better results no matter what their current training schedule looks like.

Your days of guessing how to help your hockey player become a better player are over.

Get started with the 30-Day Breakaway Speed 2.0 System today so your player can leave fans, coaches, and scouts jaws on the floor with how much progress they've made in a single month of training.

What Age Group Is This For?

All ages!

We've included three different levels with each workout so that players of any ages or skill levels can see massive improvements in their speed.

Can I Use This With Other Hockey Training I'm Doing?

Yes!  Coach Dan has designed this to be used with any hockey training program you might be using and even provides detailed instructions on how to substitute these Speed, Agility, Conditioning, and Edge Work workouts into your program.

What Are Shipping Times Like?

We aren't able to give an exact estimate but you can expect it to arrive within roughly 5-14 business days after shipping (we hope the program arrives quickly to you).  If you'd like to receive your package faster you can upgrade your shipping method at checkout.