Bullet-Proof Hockey Mindset Book

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You cannot perform on the ice with a frantic mind. You must become calm–assertive and give your mind the peace it needs to read the ice, be patient with the puck, overcome obstacles without burnout, think clearly in fast-paced games, and execute your skills based on logical performance rather than emotional reaction. 

You can only know peace of mind by giving your mind peace. You do so not by being still, but by forming a bullet-proof mindset through the highly specific meditations, rituals, breathing routines, and patterns of thought I have carefully orchestrated in my new book, Bullet-Proof Hockey Mindset.

This book is the most important piece of literature I have ever created. Those who follow its instructions and have the commitment to becoming bullet-proof will become more confident on and off the ice than they ever thought possible.

The science and art of hockey mindset training are deep. The science represents the vast amount of studies published in this area of research, and the art represents applying it in a real-world setting and seeing the results unfold on the ice. 

The step-by-step formulas, rituals, and routines I articulate in the Bullet-Proof Hockey Mindset lead to a state of calm-assertive energy. You will meet the world with your energy, your strength, your power, your voice, and your highest-performing self. 

Who Is This Book For?

This book is definitely not for everybody. High performers are rare, and it’s moments like this that separate the good from the great. The Bullet-Proof Hockey Mindset is reserved for those who refuse to accept that their circumstances dictate their life and who are ready to set a new standard for themselves and do what it takes to achieve their hockey dreams. 

If this sounds like you, pick up this book today and I’ll see you for your first official lesson.

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Yes, if you'd like to purchase 10 or more books please email us at support(at)hockeytraining.com for a bulk discount.

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Books are shipped out 3 times per week and will take anywhere from 5-14+ business days to arrive with the free shipping option to Canada and the USA (although we hope it arrives sooner)!

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